Phuket Best Snorkeling tour for family with kids. Phuket Half day tours with 30 US dollar ?

We have 3 different packages you can choose ?

When you hear ? about phuket…Most of tourist think of beach ? Island or snorkeling right ?? But when you got young children ? you may think a lot more than just yourself. how safe…? how far on the boat trip? This island will be perfect islands for you and kids ? khai island is best for snorkeling and relaxing.

No.1 recommend to khai nok island

khai island is 20 minutes away from Phuket by speed boat?. And if you want to go khai island by Catamaran boat it takes 1 hours ⛵️? you can choose for any packages ? khai island got white sand beach. Khai island low tide water good for children. The program to Khai island have by half day morning tour and half day afternoon tour. And full day tours. Khai island half day of full day program by speedboat we will take you to visit 3 khai island called khai nok island. Khai nui island and khai knai island. All program you can Snorkeling and we provided equipment is mask, snorkel ?, life jecket. **but if you want to go khai nok island by Catamaran yacht you can visit 2 islands is khai Nui for snorkeling and khai nok islands for relaxing on the beach and snorkeling and swimming

Khai nok islands
Khai Nai island
With clear water and Low tide water it’s perfect for kids ?at khai nok island
Khai nai island Adults can enjoy a great snorkeling spot as well ?

Let’s talk about this tour packages ? This tour will take you visit 3 differen islands in half day time ?? And let see how this tour going ? let’s go ? ???‍♀️

Frist We will have minibus ? pick up from your hotel to the pier. The pier is in Phuket town.
Here we are the pier for khai island
Frist Check in to khai island
After check in. Let have some coffee and cookies ????
This is the speed boat we going with. Speedboat to khai island
Here we are in the first islands called khai nok islands ?speed boat take 20 minutes only ??
Let enjoy swimming at khai nok island ?‍♀️ ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️???
Khai nai island
try to do snorkeling hahaha ? khai nai island
Relax on the beach ???khai nok island
Jet ski available for rent on khai nok island ?
Price depending how long to rent stat from 30 minutes at khai nok island
Enjoy snorkeling and swimming on the first islands for 45 minutes than will go the the next islands ?
From first place to Second place it’s take 3 minutes it called koh khai nui islands ? khao Nui island got no beach. Only islands. The sea deep about 4 meters. At khai Nui island There is coral and lots of fish ? good for snorkeling ?
Khai Nui islands
Khai nok islands

We enjoy snorkeling at khai nai island for 30 minutes than will go to the last islands for to day
Here last islands called khai nai islands ? beautiful white sand beach. Best for relaxing ?. Will be here for 45 minutes and will leave to Phuket pier
Khai nai island
?❤️❤️Love it. So much fun on this trip. Khai nok island
Khai nok islands
  • Cost for half day tour by speed boat is 30 US dollar ?(no lunch)
  • Fully day cost 40 US ?. **(full day including lunch on the islands)**
  • Half day By catamaran boat cost 40 US dollar ? (including lunch on the boat). you can choose of any packages?
  • Booking tour. contact ? Phuket Tripper team whatapp +66845965516 +66994822141
  • Email info@phukettrippers.com
Finished half day trip khai nok island and return to the pier and safe send you back to hotel ?.

No 2. coral island

Coral island is 15 minutes away from phuket by speed boat. And 45 minutes by Catamaran boat. You can choose for any packages ?

The program will including almost the same as khai island

On coral islands ? White sand beach ?

Coral island got restaurants and hotel bungalow on the beach for stay overnight too. ?? if you like to stay overnight you can talk to the guide of the boat tour. ***They will have some extra cost money for leave different day. But the good thing is you don’t have to confirm the stay overnight until you get to the island. I think it fair for me ❤️the guide will explain more about this. (please bring your belongings for be over night stay) but they also have shop to buy things ?.

Coral island The sea are not deep it good for swimming ?‍♀️
Coral island Enjoy snorkeling from the beach including in the price
Coral island with Sea walking activities (extra cost)
Coral islands Fun Diving from the beach to the sea ( extra cost)
Coral island with Diving activities
Coral islands with Parasailing activities (extra cost)
Coral island with Banana boat (extra cost)

Coral island by speed boat half day trip cost 26 USdollar ? Full day trip cost 35 US dollar ?

Coral island trip by Catamaran boat Half day trip cost 40 is dollar ?

No. 3. Racha islands packages

Racha islands
After discount Cost ? 40 USD

***?.All program can change depending of the weather ***

  • Booking tour. contact ? Phuket Tripper team whatapp +66845965516 +66994822141
  • Email info@phukettrippers.com


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