Phiphi islands or James Bond ??‍♂️or ?‍♀️Which trip is better for you? Here you can find out ?

To go Phiphi islands you can go by speed boat or big boat but today we will take you by speed boat and we would like you to compare between phiphi and James Bond islands which one is good for you ??‍♀️

Frist we would like to explain about phiphi islands is the place for you to enjoy snorkeling 2 time the sea is beautiful super clear water. You will see beautiful lagoon with emerald lagoon and see coral reef and colorful fish ? ***Note For the boat trip is going bay speed boat and a bit rough on the way. ****important Not recommend for people who have backache, pregnant lady, heart attack, and asthma,

Now let see about James Bond islands. It going by speed boat as well. But on the way go to the islands the sea is more smooth than going to phiphi islands because Phang nag is like the bay. They have many islands around. That makes not too rough in the sea. The sea is not so clear as phiphi but is good for canoeing activities. We will take you to the cave by canoeing ?. Explore end existing visit inside the cave. Really perfect for someone who looking for beautiful natural and amazing place called floating village or Muslim village ?????****remark. If you like to add snorkeling in James Bond islands also possible. Please request before booking. (Because we have many different tours packages). We can take you to stop at khai island ??

Hopefully this blog will give you better ideas Which one is good for you ❤️❤️. If you interesting please call Phuket Tripper team. ???


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