Tours Visit 3 islands in 1 day Maiton+Racha+Coral islands with snorkeling

Maiton islands enjoy snorkeling from the boat about 30 minutes (not enter to the beach)
After snorkeling for 30 minutes will leave for second islands ?
From Maiton islands to Racha islands it’s take about 20 minutes
Arrive Racha islands ?
Leave for another snorkeling spot
Arrive to second snorkeling spot
Here is the Restaurant for lunch ?
Very nice view
We provide buffet lunch ? if you are vegetarian please send us request when you booking please
Now we are at the third place for today is called Coral islands will stop here for 45 minutes. You can relax on the beach. Swimming . Sun ? bathing . Or you can add extra activities on the islands
You can add extra activities Parasailing
Sea walking
Banana boat
Diving from the beach

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